Blue Hair PRP Serum

Blue Hair PRP Serum

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Trend Doctor Blue Hair Care Serum

Dermatologically Tested.

Contains Procapil and Anagain.

It Is Designed To Prevent Hair Loss.

Blue Serum Helps Hair Nourish and Strengthen.

CPNP, Safety Report, Microbiology and Stability Tests are available.

Superior Hair Care with Blue Hair Care Serum

Blue Hair Serum

Blue hair serum stands out as a hair care product developed with the aim of being a magic potion for people with problematic hair since its launch.

This serum has been developed with the aim of transforming worn, damaged, lost and shedding hair into a shiny, healthy, vibrant and manageable hair. This blue-colored serum, also known as hair serum, which is a Turkish invention and has been exported to 27 countries by becoming widespread, is presented to the attention of the consumer with the mission of supporting hair growth. This product, delivered to the user in a blue bottle, is suitable for men and women of all ages because it is completely herbal.

Unlike coconut oil, which penetrates the cuticle and temporarily changes the hair structure, the blue hair serum only covers the surface of the hair. They are not directly exposed to environmental factors such as hair waste and polluted air. This gives the hair a shield of strength.

This hair care serum contributes to the shine of the hair by making the hair reflect more light. At the same time, it protects the hair from external factors such as dust, heat and moisture with the protection layer it creates. This product, which has been approved as a result of long studies, is now open to consumer purchase.

This hair serum, which stands out with its blue color, can be said to be a liquid product that covers the surface of the hair. This is because, unlike hair oil, it does not penetrate the hair cuticles. Another feature that will provide added value for consumers is related to the hair structure. This serum certainly does not cause any change in the hair structure of the user. In this way, hair can protect its natural structure. At the same time, the use of the product may differ from person to person. For this reason, the instructions for use of the product should be read carefully.

Blue hair serum is a hair care product that stands out as it is completely herbal. One of its main components is keratin and one is horsetail extract, the name of which is not known today. Apart from that, some root extracts are also available in the product. Another goal of the product is to be designed to help increase blood circulation in the scalp.

Increased blood circulation in the scalp ensures the development of hair follicles. In this way, hair follicles that receive more nutrients grow faster by taking nutrients. This blue hair serum also stands out with the aim of producing it, taking into account the effects that increase blood circulation. This will allow the hair follicles to absorb more nutrients and hence grow.

Excessive sebum production is another factor that causes hair loss. When the sebaceous glands produce more than the normal amount of oil, they attract dust and dirt particles from the air. Excessive production of sebum can cause the hair follicles and pores to become blocked while dulling the hair. Since this situation is also taken into account in the production process, it is delivered to the consumer after the necessary tests with the aim of being a reinforcing force to the hair.

The active ingredients in the blue hair serum aim to penetrate deeply into the hair and minimize hair breakage. This hair serum is produced with the aim of providing perfect lubrication to the hair. In this way, the hair can be managed more easily.

Visible effects after 1 month use have been reported by users. In this way, it stands out as a product that has received a passing grade by those who use blue hair serum. It contains herbal keratin, horsetail plant extract and organic white lupine, and the rich proteins in the hair follicles aim to increase blood circulation.

Thanks to this protein and plant extracts, it helps hair follicles to breathe and prevent hair loss. This hair care serum helps the hair to grow and revitalize visibly by giving the old power to the hair thanks to the extracts contained in it. This product, which was developed with the aim of providing herbal solution to hair that is spilled, worn and lost its vitality, has also passed dermatological tests with controls.

There is not only keratin or horsetail extract in the blue hair serum ingredients. In addition to these, different herbal essences also constitute the content of this hair care product. This product also contains gentian root. It is a plant root that helps reduce hair loss caused by this damage. At the same time, it is shown to increase the durability of the hair by nourishing the scalp.

The organic white lupine contained in the blue hair serum aims to accelerate the blood circulation in the scalp with the rich proteins it contains, while the other

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